Kerry Adams - the spark joy lifestyle work

How we Work

  • We’ll begin with a phone conversation to explore your needs and what you hope to achieve by organizing your space.

  • We’ll discuss the size of your home or office, what issues and obstacles you face, your time frame, etc. and set up your first session.

  • There will be a needs assessment to determine the level of help and support you’ll need and an estimate of the amount of time it will take to tidy your space.

  • Next comes a visualization exercise, your “Vision Plan” - in which you imagine your ideal lifestyle.

  • The actual learning and organizing lessons, referred to as ‘festivals’ in KonMari, follow. We’ll come to your home, teach you the method, and begin the process of navigating through your belongings with you by category in the KonMari order:

    • clothing

    • books

    • papers

    • ‘komono’ – miscellaneous items
      office and art supplies
      electric and electronics
      decorative items

    • sentimental – momentos with sentimental value

  • When the discarding for each category is complete we organize the remaining objects that bring you happiness.

How Long Will it Take?

While every circumstance is different let me try to give you an idea what we can accomplish together. You can expect to complete 200 - 300 square feet of space with an average volume of possessions in a 5 hour session.

  • Studio Apartment - 2 sessions

  • 1 Bedroom Space - 3 to 4 sessions

  • 2 Bedroom Space - 5 to 6 sessions

  • 3 Bedroom Space - 8 to 10 sessions

  • 4 Bedroom Space - 10 to 12 sessions

  • Garage/Basement/Attic - need to be reviewed to determine the number of sessions

Each single session lasts approximately 5 hours. It can be an intense process so we’re here to support your choices and gently encourage you, not tell you what to do. It’s a transformative experience– you’ll be surrounded by objects that you want, need, and love, and that support your ideal lifestyle. You’ll begin the art of an organized life.

To me the experience was so much more than KonMari organization, it was a learning session - about me! As a mother and new empty-nester it feels great to get in touch with who I am again. Many, many thanks for a lifetime of ease.”

- Anne, Cohasset MA